Indy Film Fest // Micro-Cinema


Experience cinema in its most micro-tastic fashion at IN Light IN!  Four award winning short films will be presented and looped throughout the night at the Indiana Historical Society.  Catch one or catch them all!

Location: Indiana Historical Society, Frank and Katrina Basile Theater. (Enter the Basile Theatre off of the café level entrance on the canal). 

Luminaris // 6min 14sec

Juan Pablo Zaramella

Luminaris is an animated short film made using the pixilation technique, combining real actors interacting with animated objects and time-lapse sequences. The film tells the story of a man living in a world controlled and timed by light. Every morning, the inhabitants of that world are woken up and pulled to their jobs by sunlight, as if this was some sort of magnet. The main character has a routinary job in a factory that makes electric bulbs. But he has something else in mind that could change the order of things.

The Light Bulb // 2min 17sec

Perceval Schopp

We follow a young robot as he follows his quest for light.


Light Me Up // 8min 24sec

Ryan Walton

When people leave a room light bulbs come to life. Fixtures in the ceiling lead to a miniature world between floors where bulbs go to live their lives after a hard day of work. The Wattsons are a family of bulbs that work in an antique shop. Frank and Linda run a business of managing all the bulbs in the store. When they ask their son, Louie, to take over they find out he has bigger dreams of traveling across the street to be a spotlight in the local theater. Suddenly, Louie is faced with the choice of staying or breaking free from his family's expectations to pursue his own life.


  Photo credit: Vandana Nagaraj

Virtuos Virtuell // 7min 30sec

Thomas Stellmach

The overture of the opera THE ALCHYMIST by the early German romanticism composer Louis Spohr (1784-1859) is the basis of the seven and a half minute film, to which the drawer Maja Oschmann and the animation filmmaker Thomas Stellmach shared the directing. They combined their different artistic experiences of storytelling and expressive drawings to music, and developed an emotionally music visualization.

Hand crafted ink drawings inspired by the composition and accompanying the music, play on the threshold between the figurative and nonfigurative, thus allowing for a wide range of associations to form.