IN Light IN Music and Dance // Vermont Street Plaza on the Canal

The American College of Sports Medicine Fitness Garden will become home to a full gospel choir with coordinating dancers. Listen to the harmonic sounds of natural, full voices outside of Bethel A.M.E., Indianapolis’ oldest African American church. Each performance will last approximately 45-60 minutes. These performances were organized and managed by Malina Simone, LLC.

Friday, August 26 | 8:52pm
A collaborative performance featuring Demetrius West & Jesus Promoters and Krash Krew

Saturday, August 27 | 8:52pm
A collaborative performance featuring Rodnie Bryant and the Indy Singers and Krash Krew 

Indiana Historical Society Soul Lounge

For two nights, The Indiana Historical Society will become a music lounge featuring acoustic sets. Singers, guitarists and poets will take the stage for an evening of entertainment. Each performance set will be approximately 45 minutes. These musical performances were organized and managed by Malina Simone, LLC.

Friday, August 26
9:00pm   Luke Austin Daughtery
10:00pm  Yadin Kol and Allison Victoria
11:00pm  Renee King
12:00am  Rob Dixon Trio

Saturday, August 27
9:00pm   Yadin Kol and Allison Victoria
10:00pm  Tony Styxx
11:00pm  Keller & Cole  
12:00am  Deckademics

Location: Indiana Historical Society, Stardust Terrace Café (indoors canal level)

Alexis Gideon's The Crumbling // Government Center Basin

Alexis Gideon’s The Crumbling is a 21-minute stop-motion animation video opera set in a dream-like mythic town following the trials of an apprentice librarian as she tries to save her city from crumbling down around her. The piece explores the importance of word and symbol in a decaying culture, as well as the marginalization and persecution of people based on heritage, gender, race or belief, and all that is lost in such persecution. The Crumbling takes a modern and innovative form, while drawing from ancient texts and esoterica such as the Kabbalah, the Hermetic Philosophy of ancient Egypt, the mystical beliefs of Hildegard von Bingen, Alchemy of the 16th Century, and the mid 19th Century occult beliefs of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor. During screenings, the film is accompanied by live musical performance by Alexis Gideon. The live music mirrors the action exactly, and the animated characters’ mouths are perfectly in sync with the sung lyrics. The Crumbling has been made possible through the generous support of Pittsburgh’s New Hazlett Theater and funding provided by the Investing in Professional Artists Program, a partnership of The Pittsburgh Foundation and The Heinz Endowments.

Friday and Saturday August 26-27 | 9:15pm 
A live musical performance featuring Alexis Gideon. 

Location: Government Center Basin. 

Visit Alexis's website


Brian McCutcheon & MANA2's Water Mining // Government Center Basin

Water Mining is an interactive installation built to collect and amplify the underwater sounds of the canal. Through the installation, visitors will experience underwater soundscapes as they are broadcast into a water-themed environment of light and projection. The presentation of Water Mining will also include a series of live musical performances by MANA2 (Michael Drews and Jordan Munson). The performance will weave the underwater sounds collected by the sculpture into harmonic and melodic textures, revealing a voice within the water that is hidden but beautiful and provocative. 

Friday and Saturday August 26-27 | 8:52 and 9:45pm 
A live musical performance featuring MANA2 (Michael Drews and Jordan Munson). 

Location: Government Center Basin. 

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  Photo credit: Vandana Nagaraj

Photo credit: Vandana Nagaraj

IMA ARTx & Old Soul Entertainment // Silent Night Disco

Indianapolis IN

Ever wonder what someone wearing headphones might be listening to? If you were to tap into the rhythms powering their steps, what connections might occur?  The personal space of listening to music through headphones will be transformed into a public spectacle and shared experience during Silent Night Disco. When the city’s noise ordinance goes into effect at 10pm, local DJs will begin mixing a variety of music, some of which will honor the African American music history of Indiana and that of nearby Indiana Avenue. Up to 50 wireless headphones will be available for check-out, free of charge, with a credit card or valid ID.

DJs provided by Deckademics, curated by Douglas Morris of Old SOUL Entertainment

Friday, August 26 and Saturday, August 27 | 10pm – 1:02am

Location: American College of Sports Medicine Fitness Garden

Mateo Mounier // St Victoire presents: Digital Skin Live Performance by Mateo M

Montreal Canada

Using projection mapping, Mateo will use animated content and brushes to draw live on participants’ faces and bodies. Their skin will become his canvas, as he creates a one-of-a-kind new media piece for each model. Short videos and photos will be recorded and sent via email to each model/participant. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this unique art performance!

Short videos and photos will be recorded and sent via email to each model/participant. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this unique art performance!

Friday and Saturday August 26-27 | 9:00pm-10:45pm and 11:15pm-1:02am

Location: The AutoVault (future location of the Phoenix Theatre located at Illinois and Walnut Streets)